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123 Black- Tech Accelerator is initiated by Z-Park IoT Alliance and Beijing B-Link Consulting Co. Under the slogan "Smart Industry. Smart Life", the Accelerator focuses on IoT technologies and its applied industrial fields. By integrating the advantages of Z-Park IoT Alliance, B-Link, related industrial leaders and industrial institutional investors, it aims to build a resource aggregation and ecological IoT platform to accelerate enterprise innovation, support the commercialization of outstanding projects, and enable outstanding enterprises to accelerate their growth.
The 123 Black-Tech Accelerator provides comprehensive consulting services for growing innovative enterprises at home and abroad, and strives to cultivate new economic unicorns with sustainable development capability.
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As the first industrial alliance to propose the IoT concept and the largest professional IoT NGO in China, Z-park IoT Industrial Alliance has accumulated first-mover advantages since 2009, and took the lead in drafting the "IoT 10×10 Acceleration Plan" in 2016 to cope with today's rapidly developing period of IoT.
B-Link is a China-based advisory firm providing cross-border investment advisory services to Chinese and overseas clients. The company has a solid business network that includes government, corporate and academic institutes in some Western European countries, Australia and Israel, as well as an experienced team of Chinese and foreign experts. His services include professional advice to his clients on cross-border M&A, advice on capital transfers, market research, market access, technology introduction and business investigations.
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