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The Global IoT Black- tech Contest is an international IoT technology competition organized by Z-Park IoT Industry Alliance under the guidance of national government departments such as Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Intellectual Property Office and so on. The contest collects over 500 innovative projects worldwide and chooses the "Top 10 Black-tech companies" annually through the pre-selection, 1st rounds, 2nd rounds, and the finals.

Since 2017, the Global IoT Black- tech Contest has been held for six consecutive sessions, inviting nearly 7000 companies to participate and harvesting nearly 500+ high-quality black- tech projects. Through intensive promotion and resources empower services before, during and after the competition, more than 100 projects were successfully commercialized, of which more than 20 companies successfully raised money, with a total amount of financing of over 5 billion RMB.

For example, three of the "Top 10 Black- tech Companies in 2021" have successfully raised money in 2022 with a total financing amount of over RMB 200 million. As another example, by the end of April 2023, four of the "Top 10 Black- tech Companies in 2022" had signed financing agreements with investors, while another two companies are currently undergoing due diligence. (p.s. because of influence of the epidemic, the final round of contest 2022 just completed in February 2023 )
The Global IoT Black-tech Contes
I.  Theme: Finding the Pioneers
II.  Organization:
• Guiding by:  Organization Committee of Global IoT Congress, China IoT Industry Alliance
• Host by:     Z-Park IoT Industry Alliance
• Organizer:   Beijing B-tech Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd.
• Support:     IOTSWC, Super IoT Alliance, IoT Acceleration Consortium、WMF Congress、K2C,HH Holding, etc.
• Speical Support: Municipal service centers around China mainland.
III. Project Collection:
Global innovation projects in the 8 competition tracks:
Industry internet, smart manufacture & new materials, smart medical, intelligent transportation, smart environmental, smart city, smart agriculture & food technology,  Metaverse & AIGC Applications
IV. Criteria of Project Selection:
-  Technology: high innovative and progressiveness;
-  Focus on weaknesses and difficulties in the industry
-  Possessing economic and technical feasibility
-  With IP right of core technologies.
V. The Contest Schedule:
• Project Collection:May 18th – Jul. 31st
• Pre-screening:Jul. 20th -Aug. 20th , close door
• 1st Round:Aug. 10th – Sep 15th , online
• 2nd Round: Oct 10th – 31st , offline
• Project Inspection:Nov. 1st -30th ,online + offline
• Final Round:Dec 16th , Beijing,online + offline
The Global IoT Black-tech Contest 2023
• All projects focus on effective application of emerging economy in traditional economy, which will significantly contribute to the upgrading and sustainable development of traditional industries.
• Focus on 8 applied tracks of IoT technologies and cover both domestic and oversea regions (West Europe, East Asia, SEA, Oceania, Middle East).
• Race on tracks: 2nd round and finals based on each track not only support contestants with more professional evaluations, but also promote effective interaction between contestants and industry clusters, which benefits the commercialization of the projects and promotes healthy development of regional industrial clusters.
• Post-Competition Inspection: The Committee organizes a review team to conduct a camping inspection of the winning companies in the 2nd Round, deal with the company management team face-to-face with project details and application scenarios, and examine the feasibility of profit models. It can not only help to optimize suggestions to the contestant companies, but also help to ensure high quality of the final projects. The investigation can help the investors reduce investment risks and ultimately effectively support contestant companies in financing activities.
• Black-tech Conference: After the final, a Black- tech Conference will be held to summarize the achievements of the year and look forward to the industry's development trend. During this event, the annual "Top 10 Black- tech companies" will have opportunity to present their technologies and products to all ecology partners and investors and to communicate closely with industry leaders and decision- makers of potential customers.
• Black- tech Accelerator Camp: Annual Top 10 companies have the right to participate directly in the Black Technology Acceleration Camp and enjoy exclusive mentoring from three dimensions: financing, downstream applications and industrial promotion, which will help them to comprehensively improve competitiveness. After their graduation from the Camp, the Organising Committee will arrange series resource match-makings to support their development.
• Internet Promotion Matrix: From the 1st Round, all competition activities will be intensively promoted to society through the Black- tech Promotion Matrix
VI. Highlights
Contest registration
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