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The Global IoT Black- tech Contest 2021 is an international IoT technology competition organized by 123 Black-Tech Accelerator under the guidance of national government departments such as Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Intellectual Property Office and so on. The contest collects over 1000 innovative projects worldwide and choose the "Top 5 Black-tech companies 2021" through the pre-selection, preliminary rounds, second rounds, and final selection.
After the final round, the top 30 companies will directly enter the 123 Black Tech Accelerator to improve their competitive skills, such as financing skills, business development, commercial collaboration and team building and other skills with 6-month coaching from the mentor teams.
Brief Introduction of the contest in 2021
Schedule: The Global IoT Black- tech Contest 2021 will collect projects from both Great China market and oversea market from June 10, 2021 to July 31. Project pre-selection will start on August 1 and preliminary rounds will start on August 20th. The second round will be held in Wuxi in September.
Only 15 contestants will enter the final round which will locate in Beijing in December, 2021.
After the second round, these 15 companies will participate in a month-long training camp to streamline their presentation from aspects such as market prospect, financial evaluation, management team building, etc. to help them to present the project perfectly in the final round.  

Through the contest, 30 outstanding contestants will be selected and listed in the “Top 30 Innovative Companies”. They will be accepted into the 123 Black-Tech Accelerator after the final round and receive six months of professional coaching from their mentor teams to polish their projects and improve their capability in financing, industrial collaboration, and business development. Meanwhile, the 123 Black-Tech Accelerator will help these companies to match with proper business resources and accelerate their growth.
Contest Calendar.
• Project Collection: June 10th - July 31st
• Pre-selection: August 1st-10th, closed-door evaluation
1st round: August 10th-20th,  online roadshow
2nd round: September 3rd-6th, Wuxi
Final round: December 10th, Beijing
Tournament details.
Project collection and pre-selecting:
- 10 applied tracks: Industrial Internet, 5G & Network Communication, Telematics & Smart Transportation, Carbon Neutral - Energy Saving & Environmental Protection, Smart Health, Space IoT, AIoT, Smart City & Smart Community, Whole House Intelligence, E-Sport Games. Space IoT includes satellite internet, satellite IoT, UAV, space big data, Beidou satellite.
- 2 contest regions:
Great China regions:China mainland,HK, Taiwan, Macau.
Oversea regions: Western Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Oceania
Pre-selection criteria:
- Highly innovative technology;
- Focusing on the difficulties of applied industrial fields;
- High potential for commercialization.
1st round:10 evaluation factors weighted average. From this round, 50 projects will be selected to take part in the 2nd round contest.
2nd Round:Through a weighted average of 10 evaluation criteria, 30 projects are selected and listed in the "Top 30 Innovative Enterprises," and the top 15 companies enter the final round.。
Final Round:The "Top 5 Black- tech Companies 2021" will be selected.  
After the final round, all top 30 companies will enter the Black Tech Accelerator to receive professional advisory services. The top 5 companies will receive the services for free.
Focus on 10 applied tracks of IoT technologies and cover both domestic and oversea regions (West Europe, East Asia, Oceania, Middle East).
Top 30 Innovative Black- Tech Companies will enter the 123 Black Tech Accelerators to receive the project polishing from professional mentor teams. The top 5 in the competition will enjoy the services for free.
Industrial leaders from the 10 applied tracks and relevant institutional investors, as well as representatives of regional industrial parks, will compose the jury team and in charge of evaluation of the contestants in each round of the contest.
The industrial leaders and institutional investors are insightful in industrial trends, business opportunities, and investment returns, while representatives of regional industrial parks have a great understanding of regional development conditions and requirements. So, the combination of the jury team will make it possible to screen out valuable projects with high innovation and commercialization potential.
After the final round of the competition, most of members of the jury team will participate in the 123 Black Tech Accelerator mentoring group, which will be dedicated to polishing and empowering the top 30 innovative Black tech companies. During the six-month polishing, the mentoring group will help the Top 30 to improve their competitiveness from the perspectives of development strategy, regional marketing, financing capabilities, team forging, and resource integration realization. And 123 Black-tech Accelerator will help the Top 30 to match with suitable resources.
Starting from the collection of projects, each achievement of the contest will be disseminated through the All-Network

Highlights of the Global IoT Black-tech Contest 2021
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